High Performance Computing (HPC) is an interdisciplinary field having important impact on many areas of science, technology, medicine, commerce, and national security. With an advancement of microprocessors & networking technologies, we witness HPC technology has proven to be very successful in becoming  our every-day-life  solutions not only for new science & technology discovery, enterprise, large scale scientific, but also business, personal usage and entertainment. Google.com employs HPC clusters to perform their search engine. Pharmaceutical companies use HPC supercomputer to do their drug design. Energy companies have been greatly benefited from HPC, especially recent multicore and GPGPU (General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit) technologies in oil reservoir exploration.  National Security Agency detects security threats by data mining on the HPC system. Animation studios such as Pixar, Disney, are equipped with thousands of HPC & GPU servers as their animation rendering farm. In addition,  a recent introduction of dual-core and multi-core processor products from Intel, AMD, GPGPU (General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit) and Sony Playstation 3,  has propelled adoption of HPC in the mainstream environments.  In fact, Information technology and research group Gartner has identified what it expects will be the top 10 disruptive technologies over the next several years, including multi-cores, and GPGPU.

This year, we primarily target our technology transfer workshop in medical cloud computing and medical IT open standards. Our target audiences are IT personals or executive in medical fields who are interested in medical IT applications such as standard electronic medical records, open standards of medical record exchange, robustness, security and reliability issues and solutions in medical IT infrastructures, medical imaging processing and smart medical devices.   This coming year workshop aims to offer two sessions venue during 2 days; one to offer state-of-art invited talks by world class researchers in medical cloud and its applications and another session to provide hand-on tutorials “Electronic Health Record Exchange Cloud service and development” targeting health industry and research community.  We extend our knowledge foundation that we have laid out from previous years to software and other industry & disciplinary in order to well equip our workforce’s readiness for   medical IT applications.